ESL English Conversation Pairs Program

English Conversation Pairs is a program in which native-speaker-of-English student volunteers are paired with English as a Second Language (ESL) students and asked to spend at least one hour a week together in conversation. The purpose of the program is to give ESL students more opportunities to converse in English outside of the classroom and to provide them with a person whom they can question about American language and culture. In addition, the native speakers benefit from the opportunity to get to know someone from another culture.

English Conversation Pairs has been quite successful. Participating ESL students have reported that their English has improved, and native-speaker students have enjoyed learning about other cultures and helping a fellow student. Both groups have been enthusiastic about the opportunity to make new friends.

Participation forms are available the first two weeks of each semester in the ESL Program office. Applications are also announced through B-Line the first week of the semester.

Last Updated: 3/4/15